Internet of things - tweet from Raspberry Pi with SuperTweet

SB-Projects shows you how:

The script should work fine and correctly uses the 1.1 API and JSON.

However, a few of the comments and notes are older apparently. It says that SuperTweet returns XML when in fact Supertweet is returning JSON, either proxied from Twitter or directly.

In terms of the comment that "The XML message returned by Supertweet (ignored by my script) doesn't give a clue why some tweets are skipped" isn't accurate. First, there's the HTTP response code in the first line of the response headers (like a 404 error etc). If that response code is not 2xx then there was an error. Next look for the X-TwitterAPI-Status header. If that header is present, then the response you're getting was proxied from Twitter, meaning your tweet went to Twitter and it is now in their hands. If the X-TwitterAPI-Status header is not present in the response, then the error was produced by Supertweet. Either way, the explanation for what went wrong will be there in the error response.

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