Twitter API v1 retirement now deleyed to May 7th, 2013

Twitter has adjusted the date for retiring the v1 API endpoints, declaring them final on their blog: The Twitter REST API v1 will officially retire on Tuesday, May 7, 2013.

It will be interesting to see the web scramble when this finally happens. I think most major Twitter apps, at least those still being maintained, have already been updated, and any issues after the final shutdown of the v1 API will be minor and resolved quickly. On the other hand, poorly maintained apps like Rainmeter, Gnometer, and Pino, as a well as a few other fringe clients, that have not even been updated to support oAuth (now a requirement for two plus years), despite being fairly popular. Those users are already off the Twitter grid and won't coming back until they get a new client or (unlikely) the developers of those clients finally upgrade them to use oAuth and the v1.1 API.

But the next Twitterpocalypse that I expect is all the sites running JSON / Javascript widgets that have no idea this is coming. While probably none of these are really "mission critical," many web sites and blogs all over the net are going to be broken, and many really cool Javascript tools are going to be shuttered overnight.

If the Supertweet API is any indicator, it's been almost a month since we shut down the v1 end-points and still almost 80 percent of requests to the service are API v1 requests. Even though those requests are failing with an error, the error response apparently goes to a black hole somewhere and the end-users are alseep at the wheel or unaware that their clients are broken.

Twitter thinks developers pay attention to their blog and Twitter account, but obviously many don't and the users of clients by those developers are going to be caught off guard when their apps stop working in May.

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