Twitter pushes back API v1 retirement again, now June 22 2013

Twitter first announced the API v1 retirement over a year ago in March 2012. By September 2012, they set the "line in the sand" date for turning off the v1 endpoints at March 5th, 2013. Then it was pushed back to May 7. Now the new date is June 22, according to the Twitter blog.

When we turned off the v1 endpoints on the Supertweet API in anticipation of the designated shutdown by Twitter, less than 10% of users were ready (apparently very few developers read the @twitterapi account or Twitter dev blogs, go figure). Twitter has been testing the shut down of the old v1 endpoints with "blackout" tests over the past several months. One would have to guess that they are not seeing much progress (still seeing too many API v1 requests) such that they aren't ready yet to risk the fallout from killing off that many apps/clients.

Eventually they are gong to have to bite the bullet or announce a permanent fall back position. This limbo mode sucks. I guess there is no prize for being a good citizen: "no good deed goes unpunished."

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