Twitter was down for about an hour today

It hasn't happened in a long time, an apparent total service outage of Twitter. These were a pretty common occurrence in the early days, circa 2007, but Twitter has been much more robust for quite a while, where outages are usually isolated to some sub-set of users/features and they don't take the whole service down.

I feel for the engineers and operations staff that have to deal with these problems. I've been there. It's not fun. Very few of us have ever had to deal with the volumes Twitter is dealing with. It's not the same as running your own little Apache PHP server, folks. Anyway, the service appears to be coming back on-line again now and the API right along with it.

One thing we discovered with this outage, is that SuperTweet is currently totally dependent on Twitter, even to provide outage information and status information on Twitter itself (including this Blog which is integrated with Twitter). Oh well, that's probably something we will just live with for now, unless these kinds of total Twitter outages become more frequent.

Approximate time of outage:

started around 9:15am Pacific time (16:15 GMT)

ended around 10:15am Pacific time (17:15 GMT)

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